Macalester Buys $1.9 Million President’s Home—Again

by Jerome Paulos November 9, 2023

Citing accessibility concerns, Macalester purchased the Summit Avenue house next door to the current President's Home.

Macalester Institutional Equity VP Sued by Former Penn State Professor

by Catherine Kane November 1, 2023

Alina Wong is one of many defendants in a suit that alleges the plaintiff was targeted because he is white.

Macalester Plans New Dorm, Academic Building

by Jerome Paulos September 20, 2023

The Board of Trustees approved the Comprehensive Campus Plan, one part of the College’s “Imagine, Macalester” strategic plan.

Antwayn Hunter Is Here to Make Friends

by Catherine Kane April 7, 2023

After years in law enforcement, public safety officer Antwayn Hunter is finally settling down.

Chank Diesel Is Terrified of Becoming Boring

by Jerome Paulos April 7, 2023

The almost-Mac alumn is (was?) a prominent and eccentric figure on the font design scene.

The Forgotten Art of Macalester’s Course Catalogs

by Jerome Paulos April 7, 2023

Course catalogs were once the face of the college.

Dormcat Is Just That

by Catherine Kane April 7, 2023

Miles Warshauer’s emotional support animal, Dormcat, keeps things playful in his Kirk double.

Introducing Summit

by Catherine Kane and Jerome Paulos April 7, 2023

Summit is a curious new student publication with a focus on features, long-form, and opinion pieces.

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