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Summit is a student-run news magazine at Macalester College. We are editorially and financially independent of the College and do not reflect its views or those of the Board of Trustees. The independence of student media is codified in the student handbook.

Macalester College Student Handbook § 4.1.III.D
  1. The student media such as student produced radio, newspapers, literary or opinion magazines or journals, video and film shall remain free of censorship and prior review of copy, and its editor(s) and manager(s) are free to develop their own editorial policies.
  2. Editors and managers of student media are protected from arbitrary suspension and removal from office because of student, faculty, administrative or public disapproval of editorial policy or content. Only for proper and stated causes are editors and managers subject to removal (see below), and then by orderly and prescribed procedures.
  3. All student media must explicitly state that the opinions therein expressed are not necessarily those of the College community.
  4. The freedom accorded student editors and managers entails adherence to the canons of responsible journalism and reporting, e.g., the avoidance of libel, indecency, undocumented allegations, attacks on personal integrity, harassment, and slanderous innuendo.
  5. Charges of violation of the items noted above shall be dealt with through the College’s judicial and mediation process.

Summit is a publication of truth, accuracy, and editorial responsibility. Through our code of ethics and editorial policies, we strive to be transparent and responsible.

Code of Ethics

Summit abides by the Society of Professional Journalists’ guidelines to seek and report truth, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent.

As a student-run publication on a small campus, where paths often cross, conflicts of interest are sometimes unavoidable. To mitigate this, we will clearly state a journalist’s personal connections to a story.

Editorial Procedures


We will make a note to readers about significant corrections, including the repeated misspelling of a proper noun. When we run a correction, our goal is to tell readers, as clearly and quickly as possible, what was wrong and what is correct. Readers are encouraged to bring mistakes and inaccuracies to our attention.

Content Non-Removal

Summit does not remove content at the request of current or former contributors or those featured in articles. The removal or alteration of articles presents a slippery slope that would require us to make subjective decisions about what requests should be approved.

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